The eConsultant - Digitalised fleet selection

Accelerate your transition to a zero-emission fleet by calculating your
cost savings and your CO2 savings. You can create your customised
roadmap to fully electrify your fleet here.

Four steps to your electric
vehicle fleet

In our digital questionnaire, you simply and anonymously enter your fleet characteristics.
After registration, you will receive an initial assessment of the total costs and CO2 savings potential of your electric fleet.
Business Case
Tailor the electrification roadmap to your interests based on reliable data.
Coming soon
your solution
Choose the right inno2fleet package and start your fleet electrification.

Services of the eConsultant

Total cost overview
Get accurate forecasts of all fleet electrification components and costs
Business Case
Your transparent decision-making basis for executives & the management board
CO2 emissions & cost comparison
You get an overview of CO2 and cost saving potentials for your entire fleet.
Your individual forecast of the required infrastructure @work & @home (incl. transition phase)

Example Report of the eConsultant

This six-page report provides you with an overview of the expected costs and displays your specially created fleet electrification plan
Roadmap & Assumptions
Your optimal charging scenario
Expected investment costs
Expected operating costs
Expected CO2-eqv savings
Total & detailed cost overview of fleet electrification

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an exact quote from the Digital E-Fleet Consultant and directly agree on the next
Can the Digital E-Fleet Consultant be used for all fleet types and sizes?
What do I need to use the Digital E-Fleet Consultant?
Can the Digital E-Fleet Consultant tell me which is the best electric vehicle for my
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