Access to public charging stations with charge@public.

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Focus on your destination, 
not battery range.

Many employees drive their company vehicles beyond home and work. To ensure that your employees have full flexibility and peace of mind when driving, charge@public complements charging from charge@home and charge@work. 

This service provides your employees with charging access when they hit the road. The incurred charging costs are billed directly to your company, saving your resources and giving your employees more flexibility.
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Our partner for public charging stations

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One of the largest providers of public charging points in Europe.
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Countries with one charging card
Charging points in Europe & growing daily
inno2fleet Charging Card

Charge anywhere 
in the public area 
with just one card.

With our charging card, you have access to these high-power charging providers.
Partner Public charging

With one charging card, you can charge anywhere
- at home, at the company site, and at public charging stations.

Find a charging station
Use our Fleetbook app to find a nearby charging station in public or at company locations.
inno2fleet Charging Card
Tap charging card
Authenticate yourself with your charging card, so that the charging process can start and that your company can be billed correctly.
Billing Vehicle
Vehicle charging & automatic billing
The vehicle is charged. And inno2fleet liases the billing between the provider and your company.

Give back your employees time 
and save costs.

Our charging card with charge@public is part of our operating packages and requires no additional basic fees.

With a single charging card, you can therefore charge anywhere. This is the inno2fleet universal solution for charge@home, charge@work and charge@public.
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