Why you should electrify your vehicle fleet.


By converting your fleet to an e-fleet, you are moving towards the future. You show customers, partners and employees that you are actively taking responsibility for our world.

Cost reduction

The lower operating costs of an electric vehicle fleet save you money in the long term. Discover your personal savings potential.

Technological change

90% of today's driving profiles can already be mapped with the current ranges of electric cars. The technology is ready. Many car manufacturers are leading the way and will soon be relying exclusively on e-mobility.

Why now?


Germany makes it easy for companies in particular to switch to electromobility. Subsidy pots for fleet electrification are plentiful and tax savings attractive for both employees and employers.


The lifestyle of your employees has changed. They think sustainable. They think green. They have a different demand for mobility than they did ten years ago. Fleet electrification is following this path.


Digital offers across the entire value chain are the basis for future mobility. Map the demand for networking through digitalisation in your company.

Switch to
e-mobility now and move with the times.

Convert fleet now
Illustration of a car park with battery storage, solar panels and charging points

Why fleet electrification does not have to be complex

Many requirements, one solution

As a fleet manager, are you worried about working long hours if you decide to tackle fleet electrification? Are you afraid of getting lost in the mire of different service providers? Are you worried about incurring disproportionate additional work in the subsequent processing of refunds, for example? Or do you think you are overburdened with briefing your employees? - We can allay your fears and promise that the merger of inno2grid and Schneider Electric in the field of fleet electrification will be worth its weight in gold for you too. With our complete solution for fleet electrification, you receive hardware, software and full service digitally and innovatively from a single source.
A modern, green-lit charging park at a company location equipped with powerful DC charging stations
A modern electric vehicle that can be used by employees of the company fleet

Own experience has driven solutions

Schneider Electric is a globally active company that repeatedly acts as a role model for sustainable action and sustainable business. Together with inno2grid, the fleet was electrified and an own complete solution for fleet electrification was developed from these empirical values. Today, customers across Europe benefit from this end-to-end solution. Besides, one plus one makes more than two. Both Schneider Electric and inno2grid rely on a large partner network. In the field of fleet electrification, we have turned these two networks into one powerful one. We bundle this expertise through our partner and installation platform. With us, you benefit from these diverse stakeholders.

Entire ecosystem “grows up”

Many car manufacturers are now focusing on e-mobility. The "electric cars" are becoming cheaper to buy and with the lower operating costs, there is a lot to be said for switching to e-vehicles from a cost perspective. The rapid development of battery technology also enables ranges for all driving profiles of the future. Not only the vehicles, but also the charging and operating processes are becoming simpler and cheaper. The coverage of private and public charging solutions is increasing at high speed. New and more efficient software solutions and digital tools are removing the last hurdles in the transition.
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