charge@work - charging electric vehicles at the company site

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Why charge@work with inno2fleet?

For an optimal balance between cost and convenience, it is important that charging infrastructure is created wherever vehicles are parked. Besides charging your employees at home, most charging usually takes place at the workplace. We support you in setting up and operating charging solutions for your electric fleet at your site.

Comprehensive charging infrastructure

We not only offer robust and calibration-compliant charging stations for the site, but also load management systems, rail systems and other hardware components.

Cloud-based backend and digital products

The charging station backend as a software module for operation. As well as other applications for energy and load management at the company site and buildings.

Support with implementation & installation

Solution-oriented, we implement your project at your company locations with a lot of experience and know-how.

Operation of the charging stations

Operation of the charging stations at the site, as well as support, maintenance and fault clearance by qualified installation partners - Germany-wide

Our detailed offer for charge@work

Planning and project
implementation at the site

Charging infrastructure concept for the site
Technical analysis and cost planning
Overall project support charge@work

All-round carefree
Charging on site

Charging at the location with the inno2fleet charging card
Charging at the location with the fleet driver app "Fleetbook"
Possibility to publish charging station at the site in the Hubject Roaming Network

Integration of a
"smart" solution

Smart Cloud Charging Station Backend
Integration of a (dynamic) load management system
Digital solutions for both fleet managers, facility owners and users of the charging infrastructure at the site

Reporting and

Billing and handling of public charging processes at the site
Ad-hoc loading and payment via PayPal
Reporting of the charging processes at the site

(1st, 2nd, 3rd level)

1st level support
2nd level support
3rd level support

Service and maintenance of charging stations

Annual maintenance and servicing of the charging points
Regular inspection and dimensioning of the charging solution
Possibility of integration into other systems such as PV or EMS

How the installation of charging infrastructure in the company works

Many companies are coming into contact with electromobility for the first time, so many questions arise at the start of the project. It makes sense to answer the following questions in advance. In our end-to-end solution, these answers are of course provided by us.

How can charging at the workplace
be accounted for?

If you are thinking about purchasing charging infrastructure as a company, this question is fundamental. Because: If you also want to make your charging stations in the company publicly accessible, you may only set up charging stations that comply with calibration law.
The decision to set up a charging solution at the company location also has accounting implications.
For example, if employees drive a company car that can be charged at various locations, at home or at public charging points.
The appropriate consulting on the necessary measures and tax options is part of our services.
According to the Electricity Market Act of 2016, companies are also allowed to give electricity to their employees free of charge.

What power is available for charging the e-car in the company

Together with an electrician, planner or installation company, it is possible to quickly find out how much power is available at the house connection and what power can be permanently called up without creating expensive load peaks. This information is particularly important if, for example, machines also have to run during operation. Much can be planned very well in advance and ensured during operation with the help of dynamic load management.
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